Paraiso impulse ice

For every taste

The attractive, group independent impulse ice range: Paraiso is taken into account.

Süd-Eis supplies an extensive range of impulse ice products under the name "Paraiso". Paraiso is Spanish and means "paradise". Süd-EIS works with various creative ice producers mainly from Spain.

Spain is a popular holiday destination for Germans. The concept builds on this and transports Spanish temperament and holiday pleasure. Many products are known to the holidaymakers from the Canary Islands, the Balearics and the Spanish mainland. With "Paraiso" the connoisseur can pause for a moment and refresh his holiday memory!

In addition to the classic impulses positions, Süd-EIS with these products also targets the large consumer. This is because lactose and gluten-free, as well as inexpensive products, take into account the special requirements, especially of child care facilities.


  • Colorines

  • Fantasy

  • Fresky

  • Ice Machines

    Ice Machines
  • Pivot

  • Milky

  • Rakete Eurostar

    Rakete Eurostar
  • Sandy Pop

    Sandy Pop
  • Shuffle Orange

    Shuffle Orange
  • Trufo Plus Almond

    Trufo Plus Almendrado
  • Trufo Plus Black Jack

    Trufo Plus Black Jack
  • Trufo Plus Blanco

    Trufo Plus Blanco
  • Flip Flap Cola

    Flip Flap Cola

  • Flip Flap Erdbeer

    Flip Flap Erdbeer