Seasonal ice-cream creations at Christmas time

A feast for the senses

Every year Sued-Eis present a wide range of single servings for Christmas.

Käfer ice Gingerbread iced heart 80 ml 

Ice cream with gingerbread taste and chocolate pieces, decorated with an almond-cocoa sauce, caramelized almonds and cocoa-containing fat glaze; Individually wrapped packed. 

Käfer ice cinnamon star 80 ml 

Cinnamon ice with core of apple sorbet on fat glaze soil, with cocoa pollinated.
The classic for the winter has been very successful on the market for several years.
This article is also suitable for the price sensitive clientele.


Käfer ice fir tree bourbon vanilla 85 ml

Ice cream bourbon vanilla, abundantly wrapped in cocoa-containing fat glaze.  


Käfer ice fir tree marzipan 85 ml

Ice cream with the finest marzipan, abundantly wrapped in a cocoa-containing fat glaze.  


Sommerland ice Santa Claus 100 ML

Vanilla,-strawberry ice cream on fat glaze bottom. Not only very popular with children.  


Sommerland ice Snowman Frosty 95 ml

We introduce you to a completely new product: A beautifully designed snowman with cream, strawberry and chocolate taste.


Käfer ice Apple 130 ml

Vanilla apple ice cream with apple cocktail rolled in almond amaretti crumbs. The premium ' snow dumplings ' for the winter season.


Ice bomb/Ice cream pie Tarta Fantastica 1070 ML

Creamy vanilla ice and ice with dulce de leche sauce and fine Toffee pieces.
Individually packaged in the designed box, also suitable for the grocery retail.


Käfer ice ceylon cinnamon 5 liter tub

100% natural and declaration-free ice cream with the special ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka and a pinch of cocoa. 


Käfer ice cream vanilla spiced 5 liter tub

Declaration-free ice cream with fine spiced pieces.


Sommerland ice cream cinnamon 5 liter tin/pot

Cinnamon ice cream with cassia cinnamon and without aromas additives & dyes (declaration-free)

  • Käfer Zimtstern frei

    Käfer Eis Zimtstern
  • Käfer Zimtstern Packshot

    Käfer Eis Zimtstern Packung
  • Käfer Tannenbaum Vanille Packshot

    Käfer Eis Tannenbaum Bourbon Vanille Packung
  • Käfer Tannenbaum Marzipan Packshot

    Käfer Eis Tannenbaum Marzipan Packung
  • Käfer Tannenbaum frei

    Käfer Eis Tannenbaum
  • Sommerland Santa Claus

    Weihnachtsmann Santa Claus
  • Sommerland Santa Claus Packshot

    Weihnachtsmann Santa Claus Packung
  • Schneemann Frosty frei

    Schneemann Frosty
  • Schneemann Frosty Packshot

    Schneemann Frosty Packung
  • Käfer Eis Bratapfel

    Käfer Eis Bratapfel
  • Käfer Eis Ceylon Zimt

    Käfer Eis Ceylon Zimt 5 Liter Wanne
  • Sommerland Zimt 5 Liter

    Sommerland Eis Zimt 5 Liter Dose / Kanne

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Winter 2017/2018

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