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Do you need LMIV data for our products? 


Süd-Eis provides its customers with all product information via the 1WorldSync's information network. With the new cooperation, Süd-Eis takes account of both the increased consumer demand for meaningful product information and the stricter requirements of the EU Food Information Ordinance (LMIV). The assortment of ice cream products is characterized by a large selection and a high delivery frequency. The LMIV obliges the trading partner to inform buyers in future about a multitude of product characteristics as well as about their changes. In order to be able to reliably guarantee this at all times, we use the 1WorldSync's information network. In this way, Süd-Eis does not only meet the requirements of the legislator and the increased expectations of modern consumers, but can also reduce operating expenses.  


PDF request

Süd-Eis can provide you with a standardized specification in PDF format for each article. The provision of the specifications as a PDF is not subject to an automatic update service. For example, you may need to request new specifications annually. Please call us or send an e-mail request to our service with the required specifications. You can also get images in printable quality from all products for promotional purposes.